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Solon Science Olympiad

2018 Solon High School Science Olympiad Invitational

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Twenty-Fourth Annual Tournament

Tournament Information

Event Schedule
Team List
Event Supervisors

All event supervisors have been provided this set of recommendations and expectations for how to conduct their event. In the interest of transparency, we are posting it publicly to make it available to all competitors, teams, and observers. This document also includes our scoring and arbitration policy.

Helicopters will be held here; ceiling height is approximately 14 feet.
The Source Code rules will match those being used at the Michigan State Tournament, available here.
Picture This will follow the rules of the previous Division B event, described here.

Due to security concerns, we will not be posting an electronic copy of the school map to our website this year. Large maps and directional signs will be posted throughout the school during the tournament. Volunteers will also be present to assist visiting teams.

Contact Information

For additional information concerning our invitational, please email or contact:

Cherese Fiorina
Head Coach & Tournament Director
(216) 470-1650

Nick Maurer
Assistant Coach & Scoring Director
(216) 956-4330