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Solon Science Olympiad


Website Design (Div C)

Asheq Ahmed (original html frame website)
Stephanie Sang (navigation buttons, sprites, and banner images/backgrounds)
Michael Zhan (width-adjustable layout, tables, miscellaneous optimizations/additions)

Website Design (Div B)

Asheq Ahmed (original html frame website)
Zach Bogorad (old version, no longer accesible)
Kevin Tang aka Traitor (current design, meh)

Website Admins (Management/Content Additions)

Asheq Ahmed (2009-2010)
Stephanie Sang (2009-2011)
Alan Jafee (2011-2014)
Zach Bogorad (2014-2015)
Michael Zhan (2015-present)
Aman Jain (2016-present)
Justin Prindle (2017-present)


Steve Zhou for ???

NOTE: These credits are as accurate within the knowlege of the person who wrote them. If you know of a required correction or additon to these credits, please email the current website admin.

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