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Solon  Science Olympiad


Website Design (Div C)

Asheq Ahmed (original html frame website)
Stephanie Sang (navigation buttons, sprites, and banner images/backgrounds)
Michael Zhan (width-adjustable layout, tables, miscellaneous optimizations/additions)
Aman Jain (appearance overhaul)

Website Design (Div B)

Asheq Ahmed (original html frame website)
Zach Bogorad (old version, no longer accesible)
Kevin Tang aka Traitor (current design, meh)

Website Admins (Management/Content Additions)

Asheq Ahmed (2009-2010)
Stephanie Sang (2009-2011)
Alan Jafee (2011-2014)
Zach Bogorad (2014-2015)
Michael Zhan (2015-2016)
Aman Jain (2016-2017)
Justin Prindle (2017-2018)
Michael Zhu (2017-2018)
David Tan (2018-2019)
Derek Li (2018-2019)
Kevin Zhou (2019-present)
Michael Kong (2019-present)


Steve Zhou for ???

NOTE: These credits are as accurate within the knowlege of the person who wrote them. If you know of a required correction or additon to these credits, please email the current website admin.