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Solon  Science Olympiad

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Solon Team 32, finishing ___ overall
with a score of ___

1st Place
Astronomy: Roger & Michael Li
Disease: Aditya & Thomas
Ecology: Danny & Aditya
Fossils: Henry & Yuxi
Microbe: Roger & Nick
Wind: John S & Stephen

2nd Place
Anatomy: Nick & Aditya
Chem Lab: Nick & Sperling
Dynamic: Henry & Stephanie Z
Protein: Thomas, Yuxi, Roger
SOM: Michael Li, Yuxi
WIDI: Stephen & Stephanie Z

3rd Place
Sumo: Michael Luo
Towers: Roger

4th Place
XPD: Michael Luo, Sperling, Elliot

5th Place
Mission: Rick
Ornithology: Lauren & Yuxi
Remote: Aditya & Nick

6th Place

Solon Team 33, finishing ___ overall
with a score of ___

1st Place
Anatomy: Rohan & Shashank
Chem Lab: Lisa & Eugene
Dynamic: Victoria & Tony
XPD: Lillian, Victoria, & Ben
Forensics: Shashank & Lillian
Optics: Eugene & John Z
SOM: Lillian & Eugene
Sumo: Andrew
Towers: Lillian

2nd Place
Disease: Rohan & Jacob
Ecology: Ben & Stephanie S
Microbe: Daniel K & Lisa
Mission: Andrew
Mousetrap: Andrew
TPS: John & Danny
Wind: Lisa & Feibi

3rd Place
Ornithology: Ben & Stephanie
Remote: Tony & Rohan
WIDI: Ben & Andrew

4th Place
Astronomy: John Z & Eugene

5th Place
Fossils: Ojas & Stephanie S
Heli: Victoria & John

6th Place