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Solon  Science Olympiad

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Solon Team 43, finishing 2nd overall with a score of 146

1st Place
Experimental Design: Michael & Jonathan & Jessica
Forestry: Crystal & Lily
Gravity Vehicle: Paul & Tyler
Green Generation (Trial Event): Jessica & Sara
Rocks and Minerals: Stephanie & Jonathan
Water Quality: Nick & Crystal
Write It Do It: Stephen & Stephanie

2nd Place
Elastic Launched Glider: Paul & Rohan
Robot Arm: Eliot & Tyler

3rd Place
Designer Genes: Michael & Kevin

4th Place
Boomilever: Kevin alone
Circuit Lab: Michael & Tyler
Fermi Questions: Chanu & Lily
Geomapping (Trial Event): Eliot & Jonathon
Materials Science: Lily & Jonathan

5th Place
Chemistry Lab: Stephen & Sara
Remote Sensing: Paul & Rohan

8th Place
Astronomy: Eliot & Sara

Solon Team 44, finishing 4th overall with a score of 196

1st Place
Designer Genes: Alan & Thomas
Materials Science: Zach & Linus

2nd Place
Experimental Design: Aditya & Katrina & Zach

3rd Place
Thermodynamics: Jack & Linus

4th Place
Astronomy: Alan & Aditya

5th Place
Disease Detectives: Aditya & Amy
Dynamic Planet: Tony & Linus
Gravity Vehicle: David & Kevin
Water Quality: Shashank & Amy

6th Place
Fermi Questions: Kevin & Linus
MagLev: David & Zach

7th Place
Chemistry Lab: Kathleen & Kevin
Circuit Lab: Alan & David
Elastic Launched Glider: Jiayu & Thomas
Green Generation (Trial Event): Jiayu & David
Remote Sensing: Jack & Tony